E-World Editing is the leader in providing non-English speaking professors, doctors and researchers with scientific English editing services.
Our Director of Operations, Jerry Nairns, lived and worked in South Korea for more than 8 years as a professor at Hanyang University. During his time there, Jerry worked closely with scores of professors, doctors and researchers to help them improve their writing ability. He learned a great deal about the unique problems Korean writers have with English and recognized there was a great need for writing assistance.
Click on the links below to see some of the tips Jerry has provided to help you produce a better document. Check back often or bookmark this page, because we often add new topics.

Please Note: Our tip pages are only available in English.
- General Tips
- The Proper Use of Verb Tense
- Taking Apart Long Strings of Nouns and Adjectives
- Commonly Misused Words (1)
- Tables and Figures
- Abbreviations, Acronyms, Numbers